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Single Dad: A 21st Century Story

June 09, 2021 1 min read

Single Dad: A 21st Century Story

Testing, tender and true - all good positive words which this article uses as the basis for revealing more on the reality of single fatherhood in todays' society. 
Single Dad
"Life is complicated. it's neither a celebration, nor is it as harrowing and terrible as people portray it. We ebb and flow, don't we?" Single Dads for a variety of reasons (proving there really is no stereotype), this portrait of Fatherhood speaks an honesty we can all appreciate. As a society things have opened up and we are all in agreement that a hands-on Dad is a good thing, however much time is spent with his children. Articles such as this in happiful remind us of the invaluable role men play in raising children, and also tell us of the challenges they face: social misconceptions, cultural and practical barriers, trials in the workplace and isolation and loneliness. Being able to open up and share experiences and feelings is important for men and thankfully we are moving towards being more open and encouraging. 
As Father's Day approaches, it's incumbent on all of us to honour Dads and the role they play in the lives of children in our collective society.

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