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Frequently Asked Questions


Our priority is the safety of our customers, our franchisees and our staff. We have introduced measures that enable our entire range of jewellery to be manufactured through orders placed though our website, without face-to-face contact, should that be the customer preference, or if there is no alternative due to local lockdown measures. Where lockdown has been eased, franchisees are able to meet customers on the advice that both parties are not suffering from any symptoms; face coverings are adopted; and hands are washed before and after the meeting. Our franchisees are all home-based and have been in a position to fulfil online orders safely, when postal services are functioning. 

You can either order in person through your local jeweller, or you can order online. When ordering with a jeweller, you will be able to view samples of fingerprint jewellery, handprint and footprint jewellery, original writing and drawing jewellery.

The clarity of the print depends on age. It can be possible to get a really good fingerprint from even as young as 4 months. When we take the print for you, we will show you the print to make sure you are happy.

Your jewellery will be made by your local Smallprint Jeweller who has been fully trained in the art of making our gorgeous keepsakes. As the original fingerprint jewellery company, we are committed to keeping these truly precious pieces individually hand made rather than cast or engraved by machines.

With our Original Fingerprint range, fingerprints can be taken directly onto your piece of jewellery or via a silicon mould (introduced during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak). The direct fingerprint method means that you get the best possible print in terms of detail, shape and that your piece has been touched by your loved one. 

Yes. The clay is very soft so we don't have to press hard. Taking fingerprints is not as straight forward as taking handprints though, so we would recommend fingerprints should only be taken by a trained professional, not by a parent or carer, and we prefer not to take prints of children under four months.

Yes! Our inkless wipe kits can be used on the day baby is born and prints can easily be taken by parents and baby's hands and feet stay clean!

Yes. It is lovely being able to compare the size of your children's print. We even have a pair of cufflinks which can fit up to four separate children's prints.

Usually no. Smallprint jewellers are very skillful and because they take the print for you, they can position it to accommodate most first names. We also engrave your child's age on the back and on our keyrings we can even engrave a short message. There is no extra charge for engraving.

We can take fingerprints from the age of 16 weeks and up. There is no upper age limit and we often print adults. What better wedding gift than a pair of silver cufflinks with a loving print from your wedding ring finger.

Yes, our pieces are made from sterling silver.

Our turn around time is usually four weeks from the print being taken or receiving the print. Smallprint jewellers take time to make sure your pieces are finished to perfection. However if you have a special birthday or anniversary and you've left it a bit late, let your jeweller know in case your piece can be turned around more quickly.

If you do not have a Smallprint jeweller covering your area get in touch with the Smallprint Head Office and we will point you in the direction of your closest jeweller. 
Alternatively you can order online. 

Visit your local jeweller's events page to find out where you can have prints taken.

Visit your local jeweller's events page to find out where you can have prints taken. 

Yes. Smallprint jewellers often visit toddler groups, playgroups and school fairs. Call your local Smallprint jeweller to find out more.

Yes. Please visit our sister site Silver Pet Prints for further details

Jewellery Care

All silver tarnishes naturally. The most common causes of tarnishing are wool, food (eggs, onions, mayonnaise), and certain paints. Silver will also tarnish much more quickly in humid environments.

Silver should be kept dry, so remove all silver jewellery before showering or cleaning. Be particularly careful of chlorine, which at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour your silver jewellery. When you are not wearing your jewellery, store wrapped in acid-free tissue.

You can remove light tarnish using the polishing cloth your received with your piece of jewellery. If your piece becomes more tarnished, polish with silver polish. Chains can be cleaned by using a silver dip available at most hardware stores. It takes seconds and they will come out sparkly and new. Do not dip the printed piece as this will remove the antiquing from the print and the engraving.

Yes our pieces are now made of sterling silver.

If you are not wearing your jewellery for a while or if you wish to keep it as a keepsake for when your child is older, simply keep it wrapped in some acid-free tissue.

Silver is a relatively soft metal, so items such as keyrings and bracelet charms will gradually become dented and worn as they are bashed against hard surfaces. We do not recommend wearing charm bracelets every day. Pendants can be worn every day as they do not come into contact with hard surfaces.

Customer Care

Your child's prints will be taken by the Smallprint jeweller who works in your area or lives closest to you. Each of our jewellers is fully trained and like anyone who owns their own business, they take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship and offer a very personal bespoke service.

If your child is unhappy we will not take the print and arrange another appointment for you. However most of our jewellers are mums and understand that making the process seem like a game can win round even the most reluctant toddler!

The person who takes your child's print will also make your jewellery - each piece is individually made rather than churned out factory style. Smallprint jewellers are fully trained in the process of taking your child's prints and turning them into a wonderfully handcrafted keepsake for you to treasure.

Go to our page "Delivery & Returns" for full information. However if you want to speak to someone about your order, contact the jeweller who made your piece in the first instance. If you would like to speak to Customer Services, call 0117 924 1439.